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Monday, January 5, 2009

I hit the jackpot today!

Those who know me know I don't pay full price for anything. To shave $100 off my grocery bill in coupons is not unusual (I am shopping for 6 after all)and I am addicted to Ebay and craigslist.

I found two pretty crystal bowls on Craigslist today and after talking with the lister we agreed to meet at Barnes and Nobles for me to view them. Well, as I suspected they were just what I wanted so I gave her the money. Aren't they extraordinary!

She said, I have these others if you would like to see them. So I said, sure! This is what she showed me.

Now the jackpot is this. The original two bowls I was thrilled to purchase for a mere $10 for the pair. Yes that is T-E-N dollars for both of them!!

I told her how much cash I had in my wallet and she said, That's fine you can have them all for that. How much did I have you ask? The other half of the twenty dollar bill I had a clerk break for me so I'd have exact change for the two bowls. Yes all of these I bought for another $10. I could not get to my car with them fast enough.

All of them for twenty dollars! There are 12 American Brilliant pieces and 3 pressed glass. I love it. She said they belonged to her Grandmother who had passed and she inherited it all. It has been in her attic for however long and she was cleaning stuff out. I told her that I love to entertain and that they would definitely be well taken care of and definitely used. She was glad to see them come to a good home. As was I.

Now let's hope this luck runs into the evening and I'm off to watch the Horns "BEAT THE HELL OUT OF OHIO STATE!"

Extraordinarily yours,