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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do you mind if I call you "Mom"?

"Do you mind if I call you Mom?" asks Nathan, with his toothless grin. Why would I mind? Afterall, I AM a Mom! But, I'm a Mommy!! And he's my baby.

My baby who can make his own bed.

My baby who takes a shower, not a bath. Then tells me how he pretended to shave like Daddy. "Feel my face, isn't it smooth" He says to me.

My baby who now only cuddles when it's his idea and usually when we are the only two awake on Saturday morning.

My baby who I once held in my arms and who will soon tower over me -- because that's genetics.

My baby who thinks he's becoming a man because he noticed hair on his legs.

My baby who tells me one day he is going to "get" a wife and kids. But, he's never going to stop living with me. (Yipes on that one!)

My baby who I watch walk into his elementary school with his little brother each morning with tears in my eyes.

My baby who is funny and smart and independent wants to now call me Mom.

Do I mind if you call me "Mom"?

Not at all my Baby!


  1. Beautiful post, Jen. One of the sweetest I've read in a while. :-)

  2. Thanks sis! And thanks for always commenting on my posts. Have a good day. xoxox

  3. Ok. I just read it for the third time today and it's still as poinant and sweet as the first time. I've been there. I know. Oh, the tearful, beautiful joy of being a mother (AND a Nana)!

  4. What a doll!

    I have a three-year old son - little boy just have a way of tugging at their mama's heartstrings, don't they?