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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas and see you next year!

Well, Christmas is officially stowed in the attic for another year. I'm sort of sad to see it all put away as it was fun decorating our new house for Christmas. Everything just fits perfectly here, I see many wonderful holidays in our future.

I'll share a little bit of our Christmas with you. Nathan is reading "The Night Before Christmas" to everyone on Christmas Eve at Gramma and Opa's house. Hopefully a tradition in the making. He practiced reading to his brothers in the evenings at home and did a marvelous job. He looks so grown up... (sigh!)

Christmas Eve dinner. Always fabulous food, luscious libations and compelling conversation.

Christmas morning at our house. We had all of the family over for brunch later that afternoon. It was a good Christmas and a wonderful first Christmas in our new home.

Next year is full of decorating projects and fine tuning the new home. It will be fun. I'm anticipating a year full of blogging.

Wishing everyone an extraordinary year in 2009!


  1. The table is GORGEOUS! And Nathan looks ESPECIALLY grown up to those of us who haven't seen him in over a year!

    Oh, and I love your new background, too. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi, Jennifer, thank you for coming by, it's so nice to meet you. I have met SO many wonderful women lately who are new to my blog & I look forward to sharing 2009 with all of you.

    Happy New Year to you!