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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Adorable Little Tea Cart

Have I mentioned my love of Craig?? One afternoon, while spending some quality time with Craig, we stumbled across this adorable little tea cart.
Well, actually that is an adorable little sweetheart but behind him, if you look closely, is my adorable little tea cart. It was brushed brass soooooooo I took out my handy dandy can o' black spray paint and got to work.

At first I thought it looked too masculine but it's growing on me and I'm diggin' my adorable little tea cart. By the way. This little cart only set me back a mere ten bucks! Oh how I love Craig!


  1. It looks great! It also goes well with that chair (love the fabric!) Give me a good lamp and I could curl right up there with some stitching or my Kindle! Nice job.

  2. THERE you are! I've missed you on here.

    Your little finds are AMAZING. I am so proud of how nifty thrifty you are! That cart looks awesome!

    And what is SO funny is that I JUST a few minutes ago wrote a post about Craigslist! Ha! Great minds think alike!

  3. Thanks, Chel! I'll have to go check out your blog. I've been away far too long...
    Heidi - that is exactly what I was thinking when I looked back at the picture. It definitely needs a lamp! I don't remember where I ordered the fabric from but I'm enjoying it...

  4. Craig??? I am thinking you mean Craig's List??? Hee Hee!