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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bathroom redo; phase one

So, we've been in our house 6 months, we have survived the Holidays and now we are on track with projects galore. Here is a peek at the bathroom redo we've started working on.

This one is upstairs and shared by all 3 boys. They take hour-long swim baths with goggles, swim toys, etc. Water has been splashed onto the floor that was that stick on tile, which started curling up at the edges. When Miles went to pull it up he found it had a ton of "glue" poured underneath it, on top of yet another layer of
(you guessed it) sticky tile. The original sticky tile was pulling up, so whomever did this tile job just took a staple gun and stapled down the edges, poured some type of glue over it and stuck on more vinyl tiles. (what??) That is gone as well as the carpet, that was in the room with the vanity.

The nasty toilet is gone. Stains were "free with purchase"!

I was just horrified when my dear husband so proudly told me that the toilet fit through the bathroom window! WELCOME TO THE CITY! The neighbors surely were thrilled to see a toilet fly out of the 2nd floor bathroom window in our nice new suburban neighborhood. OY!

It took us a while to decide on the paint color.

The decision was finally made and I've painted the walls and will start sanding down and repainting the doors while Miles works on installing the tile.

We still need to pick out the baseboard and get that painted and I was told today that I have to choose a grout color. SHEESH I don't know....

Anyway, I've also created myself an area designated for my computer. It was in my bedroom and I found that I was sitting in bed reading everyones blogs until rediculous hours of the night/morning. So, no more computer in the bedroom. I have my own little niche and I'll be blogging more regularly. I've also sent off the couch, chair and ottoman to be reupholstered. I'm looking forward to getting those back. I've washed all of my new crystal and found it all a spot on the china cabinet. Ashley and I put Trey's bunk beds together today. I've cleared out Christmas, it's in the garage waiting to be put in the attic. (I don't do high places) And, I've purged several boxes from our garage so that we can actually see floor space now.. Hooray, I may get my car in there afterall. I'll post on more of our pojects between working on them.

The boys are all in bed (Trey with his Shamu, Okapi, Deery Deer and Goodnight Dinosaur.)

and Ashley is going out with friends so I'm going to go watch a movie with the hubster. See you later.

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  1. "Stains free with purchase" - ha! lol

    Did I read that right...Miles THREW the toilet out of the upstairs window? Ahahahahahahahahaha!! :-) Too funny.

    Love the paint color; can't wait to see the tile!