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Monday, December 1, 2008

Caution, Hard Hats Required!

Well, my blog is under major construction! After spending all day yesterday trying to figure this new "hobby-to-be" of mine, this is what we've got. I'll get it all figured out and up and running soon.

The idea of beginning a cooking blog came to me as I was going through recipes for my most favorite time of the year. I love Autumn, Christmas and New Years. The foods are rich and exquisite, the smells in the air are just wonderful and the house is cozy. Having two parties in one week at our home and planning another for the future sent me to the recipe box. I thought to myself, "I sure do have some great recipes, what a shame not to share them." Some of my recipes I used regularly in my catering business while others we just crave certain times of year and have pretty much become expected. Some recipes will be embarrassingly simple while others will be deliciously over the top.

Stay tuned for my first recipe which is an annual holiday "must have" for our family. You're going to love this one and will be amazed at how beautiful it looks and how surprisingly simple it is to create. Here's a hint: chocolate and mushrooms! Gotcha now didn't I? Back soon.

Have an extraordinary day!


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