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Friday, December 12, 2008

The three year old, clippers and a broken oven!

Wow! Has it already been two weeks?? My how time flies when you are having, um, fun. Yes, we have been very busy here. I have not been able to do any baking as my oven is broken. It is most annoying. We inherited the oven when we bought the house this summer. I called prior to Halloween to get it repaired and here we are two months later and I still have an oven with Linda Blaire living inside it. I have been promised that I will be up and running again Tuesday.
Holding my breath? Don't count on it!!

All the while I was dealing with the nitwits at the appliance repair shop. {By the way, call me if you want to know who not to use to fix your oven.} My 3 year old decided he needed another hair cut. This is what he looked like prior to Monday. He is the little one in the front with his two brothers and cousins behind him. I just love this picture. Thanks Melissa!!

And this is his new look today:

Notice the scowl on Santa's face in the background. Oh yes, he is indeed watching! Kleenex stock soared yesterday I am sure of it. And, Kleenex, you are welcome.
Between the never ending crisis, I have been able to roast and puree my Autumn pumpkins. I'll get on that post and hopefully next week I can bake a way. I see pumpkin bread in the near future!
On an extremely positive note. Ashley finished up her finals, at Incarnate Word, yesterday and reported two A's and two B's. Way to go Ash!!! (I do however, expect you back on the Dean's List asap!)
I finally figured out how to add a background to my blog. Cudos to for having beautiful backgrounds and excellent instructions.
Have an extraordinary day!


  1. What a darling bunch of kids and congrats to your daughter - that is great!

    Have a wonderful week- Kellan

  2. Woo hoo Ash!

    And I DO love your background...adorable!

    I have a friend working on one for me right now. It should be up shortly after the new year. I wanted a new header and all. It will look very different from the plain template I have now. :-)