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Monday, February 15, 2010

My love affair with Craig.

That is right. I have been having a love affair for some time now with Craig. Craig is so organized and orderly. I enjoy curling up, just me and Craig, hot tea in hand, searching from one list to another. It is so thrilling when Craig helps me find something I need and I bring it home with me. Like this mirror that was white washed. I spray painted it black and hung in our breakfast area. And my swiney butcher with the chalkboard I spray painted red. These I don't know what I'll do with but Craig and I found them yesterday and they were F-R-E-E!
I have to admit I've cheated on Craig with Will. I just love Will and all his Goodness! Just today I snuck over to Will's place and found all of these for less than a Jackson, including tax! That's a Martha Stewart pitcher ($2.99), some glass candle sticks ($2.99 each), a cute litte basket with a wooden handle and the cup and saucer is a pattern that I've been collecting that my Grandmother has called Antique Grape by Metlox. They were .49 cents each!!

I have been very busy on some before and after projects I picked up while hanging out with Craig and Will, a love affair I don't see ending any time soon...


  1. Major Score! I need to pay more attention to Craig. I spend time with Will now and then. Cute post and great stuff!
    ♥ Joy

  2. See? How did I miss this post?

    I love me some bargain shopping. You did good, sistah!

  3. LOVE your swiney friend! I have been hunting for years for a fella of sorts that was not an arm and a leg. Found one this week for $40! I am sure far more than your fella but I still love him.

  4. Hmmm...don't know who Will is though....