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Friday, April 24, 2009

Dining room gets a facelift

Above is the before picture. Now this is not the TRUE before picture. When we bought the house, last May, all of the walls were painted a yucky taupe and each and every room had a mud-brown "accent" wall. The first thing we did was have painters over erasing it all...

Here is the new dining room. I had much angst over painting this room. I knew I wanted something a little bold but I didn't want it to look like something from Wonderland. I decided to use one of my "life lines" and chose to "ask the expert". My question was answered and with a little guidance and some words of encouragement from Layla, I went pedal to the metal. Thanks Layla!!

The color I finally decided on is called Khaki by Ralph Lauren. I don't think it looks anything like khaki. When I opened the paint can I thought it looked a whole lot like a baby food jar of peas.

I am still in the process of deciding what to do with the windows. They are bare right now and they look ok, but they really need something. I have some ideas rolling around...

It took me an entire day to paint and move all of the furniture around. I took pictures of each section of my china cabinet prior to moving it so I would know where to put everything back once I had moved it. And, if you do not have those plastic moving discs I suggest you run out to get some ASAP! I moved everything in that room - BY MYSELF! Well, Trey put the discs under the furniture while I lifted it up. So, I did have a little assistant. The rest of the time he played outside or in his room and was very good while I tackled my project. Thanks Trey!

Please no nasty comments about the perpetually lopsided table cloth. Trey thinks under that table is his hideout. I don't know that it will ever be even except for the first five minutes it's on... Besides, this is the house of M with many little M's all over the place. Not a museum!


  1. It looks really good! You did a great job.

  2. What a great makeover! Your dining room looks terrific! Isn't it fun to decorate?!? It's always great when you can take what you already have and move it to new places, etc...Great job!

    BTW, I really enjoyed reading about your dad...he sounded like an incredible man, and I know his influence lives on in you! Thank you for sharing his story...

    With love from Colorado,
    Denise :-)


    The Lettered Cottage

  4. What a great job you did Miss Jennifer.

    Now you get to enjoy!


  5. I love that green. So pretty.
    And how nice you have a little helper for moving the furniture. :)

  6. It looks beautiful!!!!Just stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hello! I hope you are having a good Tuesday! Now I'm off to read more:)
    Hugs, Sandy

  7. That is just GORGEOUS! I love the way the white on the ceiling, trim, and doors just 'pops off the page.'

    I followed you here through a comment this morning, and I'm in love with your site.

    I'm following you, now, through google's friend connect, and have added your button (if you have one) to my blog, as well.

    Please feel free to do the same.

    I look forward to reading more.


  8. WOW! Looks great! I love the color...for a cool looking color, it really warmed the dining room up! It looks very cozy and comfy in there.

    And for the record, I would have never noticed anything out of sorts with the table cloth. Looks great!

  9. What a great change you made to your dining room. I can't believe you moved that china cabinet by yourself. I have that exact same cabinet.
    It looks great. Good job!
    Thanks for coming by my blog and introducing yourself. It's always fun to meet other bloggers from Texas. I'm over just north of Houston.
    ♥ Joy

  10. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a GREAT DAY!


  11. Your dining room is so lovely and I adore the design of the place. Like that chandelier too! Wish my condo in philippines has a dining room like this. :)

  12. And it definitely looks very nice. How did you manage this all?